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Indigestion Remedies: Natural GERD Remedy

The uncomfortable feeling that some people feel after eating a meal can be effectively treated using natural indigestion remedies. Indigestion, which is also referred to as dyspepsia, is a condition in which a person feels overly full. This feeling may be accompanied by pain or a burning sensation in the upper abdominal area.

Indigestion can occur as a result of other health conditions such as ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or problems with the pancreas. A person who has indigestion may feel nauseous, and experience bloating. Other symptoms include feeling full early while eating a meal, and fullness that lasts for abnormally long periods of time.

Herbs as a Remedy for Indigestion

Dill seed is an effective remedy for indigestion. It works as an anti-bacterial and helps settle an upset stomach. The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry notes the effectiveness of dill seed in stopping the growth of mold, yeast, and other bacteria. It is available as an extract or capsule.

In the book Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies (Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd – reviewed at, Jude Todd recommends making a tea using dill leaves and seeds. Take 2 teaspoons of bruised dill seeds and leaves. Then pour one cup of boiling water over the mixture. Keep it covered and allow it to steep until it cools down. Take 4 tablespoons once an hour as needed.

According to The Herbal Drugstore by Linda B. White and Steven Foster (SIGNET), chamomile is another good remedy for indigestion because of its soothing effects on the stomach and the digestive tract. Take it as a tea about three or four times each day, including once at bedtime.

Cure Indigestion With Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes a cure for indigestion can be as simple as adopting a healthier lifestyle. This is particularly the case for people who are experiencing mild bouts with indigestion. Having good eating habits is very important in curbing the symptoms of indigestion. According to Mayo Clinic, a good diet can even prevent indigestion altogether.

Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. It is also important to chew food completely. Anyone who has problems with indigestion should avoid spicy and fatty foods. Sodas, alcohol, caffeine can also cause indigestion. It’s also important to lose excess weight. Extra pounds can put pressure on the stomach and push acid back up into the esophagus.

Certain medications can bother the stomach and should be avoided by people who are experiencing indigestion. Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs can irritate the lining of the stomach. Don’t stop taking these medications without first consulting a doctor. These medicines are less harsh on the stomach if they are taken during meals.

Ariel Winter’s Before and After Breast Reduction Photos Show How Happy She is Now

Seeing Ariel Winter now will definitely make you feel so old. She started as this nerdy girl in Modern Family, but has been acting even before the hit sitcom. She grew up right before our eyes as the sitcom is still on air until now. Ariel didn’t shy away from answering allegations of breast reduction. She was even proud of that decision. Ariel Winter’s before and after breast reduction photos show just how comfortable she is now.

Ariel Winter Before and After

During the SAG Awards, Ariel Winter’s scar was revealed. It was from her breast reduction surgery. She defended herself and said that scars are not something to be ashamed of.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel Winter has never denied undergoing breast reduction surgery. She said that her disproportionately large breasts have caused backaches. She was proud to reveal her new breasts in various appearances.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Although Ariel admitted going through breast reduction surgery, she didn’t admit to any other procedures. Her recent appearances though suggest that she also had her cheeks and jawline touched.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel has been acting her entire life. Even before she became a major star in Modern Family, she has already appeared in many other movies. She was too young in this photo and her features were totally untouched.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel has been bashed as she became noticeably bigger when she grew older. However, her recent photos suggest that her waist has become thinner. This is why people think she has undergone liposuction too.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel Winter’s breast reduction surgery was definitely justified considering how unbelievably huge they were as depicted in this image.

Ariel Winter Before and After

In this ABC interview, Ariel revealed that she didn’t have a single regret of undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Don’t you miss those times when Ariel Winter was just this nerdy character in Modern Family with huge eyeglasses and boyish clothing?

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel even had a photoshoot revealing her breast reduction scars. It is pretty obvious that she is proud of her decision.

Ariel Winter Before and After

If you remove the makeup, glitz and glamor, Ariel is still the young and charming girl we all love. She continues to be funny and witty in Modern Family.

Donald Trump Hair’s Look-a-likes

Who doesn’t know one of the most powerful men in the world? Donald Trump is constantly in the public eye because of his signature hairstyle. What is baffling is that despite his being a mega billionaire, he doesn’t hire a good stylist to fix his hair into something more flattering for his fine looks. He is often compared to objects from which people suspect he got the inspiration of his hairstyle.

Donald Trump Hair

Trump’s windblown look is compared to the hair of a corn on a cob. It doesn’t help that he has natural blonde hair that makes a striking resemblance to corn hair.

Donald Trump Hair

His slicked back hair does look like that creepy, yellow haired creature on the right. Nobody knows what that creature is. Nobody knows what kind of hairstyle he’s got.

Donald Trump Hair

Trump’s curly bangs are no better than the bangs of the dog on the right. The dog has a more pleasing appearance than Trump’s grim expression.

Donald Trump Hair

In this picture, his slicked back hair and open-mouthed expression are compared to three monkeys on a swing. Makes you wonder, who is imitating who?

Donald Trump Hair

Trump would have done better if he took a comb and brushed his hair properly. The long-haired rabbit on the right has a better slicked back hairstyle.

Donald Trump Hair

Trump’s wind swept hairstyle is compared to the candy floss topping of a donut. The donut looks more appealing than Trump’s hair!

Donald Trump Hair

This time Trump tries to move forward with his bangs. However, the rabbit on the right succeeded in getting the curls done correctly.

Donald Trump Hair

Whichever angle you look at it, Trump and his hair ends up looking like some kind of food. This time his profile resembles sushi on a plate.

Donald Trump Hair

His bangs are so distracting it’s taking attention away from his piercing look. The cat on the right has the bangs and the stern look that Trump is trying to achieve.

Donald Trump Hair

Again, Trump probably never thought of using hairspray to keep his hair in place. He ends up looking like a troll during a windy afternoon photo op.

Kiwi Nutrition Facts – Why is it healthy?

Kiwi comes with a pretty good amount of Vitamin C. This may be compared to that of an orange actually. Most of the time, the bright green flesh which is always the composition of kiwi fruit is coupled with tiny black seeds. These are vital in adding a flair to most salads. There are tons of Kiwi nutrition facts that many owe to learn. This may also work for those who are trying to lose weight. If you are fond of California kiwifruit, and then you need to learn that this is only available from the start of November down to May. However, there is also a New Zealand crop. This can hit the market from June down to October. It is from that season when the mentioned is seen available.

The aforementioned fruit is just so small. It may reach an approximate of 3 inches. This may also weigh for about an ounce. Usually, the green flesh is popular because it is creamy and consistent. This also comes with an invigorating taste. This is somehow resembling that of strawberries, bananas and even melons. However, these can be unique and sweet on their own. This is one of the differences there is.

KIWI.jpeg (1024×713)

Health advantages

Kiwifruit offers a great deal of flair most especially in fruit salads. The emerald can be a real delight. This comes with a lot of phytonutrients too which are popular for being the best minerals and vitamins which are all useful in the promotion of best health. The DNA is also protected by Kiwi. This occurs because of its very own phytonutrients. In the research of phytonutrient, this kiwifruit has been fascinating a ton of researchers already. There are still researchers out there who are not sure about the compounds kiwi can give. There are those that say there is a capacity for protective antioxidant. Others believe its healing property. All of these are not of limited nutrients though. However, for a ton of time, they are connected to the fruit kiwi. This also includes vitamin C, or the so called beta-carotene content.

Ever since, kiwi has become popular because of the variation it goes along with. This may feature carotenoids and even flavonoids. These are both being demonstrated as antioxidant in nature. Aside from this, there is also phytonutrients in the kiwi. These are all responsible in the protection of DNA, which is another point to ponder.

There are protective properties all evident in kiwi. These are demonstrated in most studies. There was one which was conducted to a 6 or 7 year-old-child. This was undertaken in both central and northern Italy. The more citrus or kiwi fruit the child munch, the less there is the occurrence of problem related to respiratory. This may also include shortness of breath, sneezing, and even coughing at some point. All of these may be realized and it may occur to anyone.

Protection is vital in this world full of bacteria and viruses. Making sure to boost the immune system with the fruit.

Tourette syndrome Facts –The signs

Tics are known to be the sudden or brief intermittent sound movements. These are dubbed to be the hallmark sign which are referred to as the Tourette syndrome. This may vary from the very mild to the most severe. There are symptoms that can interfere in the communication ability of a person. The same is also true with his daily functioning and even the quality of life of people. These are only some of the Tourette Syndrome Facts. There are still more.

There are classifications for tics. First of all, there is the so called Simple tics. These are the brief, sudden and repetitive tics which would involve a particular number group. Complex tics on the other hand are always distinct. These are patterns which are coordinated with one another. These may concern movements which may also be situated in the muscle groups too.

635930573687317102-2031618830_tourettes.jpg (480×288)

There are times when tics may involve movement or sound. These may even begin in the vocal tics as well. However, the spectrum of tics when it comes to the experience of people can be pretty diverse in nature. Up until now, the cause of the syndrome is not yet known. The only assurance is that it is a complex syndrome which might have been brought by environmental factors. This may also be inherited. There are chemicals in the brain which are responsible in the transmission of various nerve impulses. These can include serotonin and dopamine which also play vital role in the process.

What are the risks associated with the aforementioned? First is the family history. This can develop throughout everyone. Next would have to be sex. This may be occurring most likely to males than that of females.

Do not get this wrong. There are still individuals with the syndrome who are still living a healthy life for their own. These are the active ones. This may involve social and even behavioral challenges though. These may harm the self-image of some…

There are still other conditions which are associated with the mentioned. These are learning disabilities, sleep disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders and depression.

At one point, if there is a suspicion to the occurrence of this condition, it will mean a lot to seek or ask for help. However, do not be surprised if not a lot of treatment will be done or given. There are times when this is only handled mildly. But then, if it turned out to be a problem, the doctor will surely prescribe a medicine in order to be of help. The only thing though is that the right dose may be hard to find at some point. Even if, it will assist in the controlling of tics. This is also a chance for side effects to be avoided. Being patient with the doctor is the answer indeed.

Talk therapy may also be undergone. This is a way to learn on how to deal with various social issues. There may also be symptoms which may be taken care of in this juncture.

Foods to Avoid with Osteoarthritis

There are many prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that can be used by those with osteoporosis. However, most people are unaware of the fact that there are many simple diet and lifestyle changes that can help to prevent this condition, as well as help to improve it. One of these diet changes is to avoid certain types of foods. Some foods that should be avoided, or simply cut back on, include processed foods, anything with high fructose corn syrup, and meats.

Processed Foods and High Fructose Corn Syrup and Osteoarthritis

In recent medical studies, it has been shown that processed foods can actually worsen any type of arthritis pain. This is because of the high amounts of carbohydrates, fats and additives, all of which can lead to inflammation. It’s ideal to avoid crackers, cookies and general snacks that are highly processed and instead opt for more natural-based foods. Be especially cautious with processed foods that contain refined soybean oil, which is rich in omega-6 fatty acids that actually cause and worsen inflammation that is associated with osteoarthritis.

Foods that are rich in high fructose corn syrup work in a manner that is similar to processed foods. They can worsen inflammation, which can lead to an increase in pain as well. High fructose corn syrup works by stimulating the production of substances that are known for their inflammatory properties.

Dollarphotoclub_63579761-e1461958414586.jpg (600×600)

Meat and Osteoarthritis

Patients with arthritis, including osteoarthritis, should try to reduce their intake of meat, particularly red meat. Red meat is high in amino acid that can lead to inflammation. It’s also a good idea to cut back on all animal proteins, including chicken, and trying to add more vegetable based proteins to the diet, such as beans.

Although avoiding these foods can be very beneficial, these diet changes should never be used to replace any diet or lifestyle changes that have been suggested by a medical professional. They should also never be used to replace any type of prescription drug.

Find more about sprite nutrition facts

Sprite is a lime flavoured and colourless soft drink that attains immense popularity in all over the world. It was produced by Coca-Cola and enlarged in West Germany. Then it is first launched in the United States as in the name of Sprite in 1961. This soft drink comes in diverse kinds of cans and translucent bottle with a chiefly yellow and green label. Everyone will like the flavour of this drink in high range. People who are concerned to know about sprite nutrition facts can refer in the product label or with the help of internet resource. It is really important to know about nutritional information or benefits of what you are consuming so that you can have better awareness on every product. Sprite is the most popular lime soda that is preferred by everyone in high range. 1n 2010, it is ranked as 4th top most soft beverage in all over the world. It is sold in most of the worldwide countries Due to its astonishing flavour and delight, it is well known among people in all ages.

Calorie free options without sugar

People who like to consume calorie free beverage can prefer this sprite without any uncertainty. This soft drink does not contain sugar and so it can be consumed with the devoid of worries. A sprite tin of 12 oz will contain 140 calories. If you like to cut the calories, you can limit the consumption of soda in a simple way. Sprite Zero is the right option who prefers calories free drink. It is considered to be the best replacement for normal sprite. People who can intake 2000 calories in a diet can obtain 7% of recommended calorie from the sprite. Both sprite zero and normal sprite does not contain fat. It is considered to be the best option for a low fat diet. Sodium is the necessary thing for healthy life. Most of the people will intake either less or more amounts of sodium without proper awareness. Then it will lead to the possibility of high blood pressure. In this case, you can get 65 mg of sodium from a regular sprite and sprite zero is sodium free beverage.

Good choice for a low-fat diet

In the regular sprite, you can get 38 g of both carbohydrate and sugar. A sprite tin contains 8 teaspoon of sugar. The health association has said that women have to limit the consumption of sugar than men. Both normal sprite and sprite zero does not enclose with protein. It is not measured to be good sources of vitamin A and C. Learn about sprite nutrition facts so that you can get detailed information about it.  Further, it does not contain efficient nutrients and vitamins so that you have to intake enough fruits and vegetables in a regular manner. The sprite is also suggested for regular diet but, sprite zero is the best nutritional option for everyone. You can include other significant products with sprite so that you can lead a healthy life without any troubles.