Find more about sprite nutrition facts

Sprite is a lime flavoured and colourless soft drink that attains immense popularity in all over the world. It was produced by Coca-Cola and enlarged in West Germany. Then it is first launched in the United States as in the name of Sprite in 1961. This soft drink comes in diverse kinds of cans and translucent bottle with a chiefly yellow and green label. Everyone will like the flavour of this drink in high range. People who are concerned to know about sprite nutrition facts can refer in the product label or with the help of internet resource. It is really important to know about nutritional information or benefits of what you are consuming so that you can have better awareness on every product. Sprite is the most popular lime soda that is preferred by everyone in high range. 1n 2010, it is ranked as 4th top most soft beverage in all over the world. It is sold in most of the worldwide countries Due to its astonishing flavour and delight, it is well known among people in all ages.

Calorie free options without sugar

People who like to consume calorie free beverage can prefer this sprite without any uncertainty. This soft drink does not contain sugar and so it can be consumed with the devoid of worries. A sprite tin of 12 oz will contain 140 calories. If you like to cut the calories, you can limit the consumption of soda in a simple way. Sprite Zero is the right option who prefers calories free drink. It is considered to be the best replacement for normal sprite. People who can intake 2000 calories in a diet can obtain 7% of recommended calorie from the sprite. Both sprite zero and normal sprite does not contain fat. It is considered to be the best option for a low fat diet. Sodium is the necessary thing for healthy life. Most of the people will intake either less or more amounts of sodium without proper awareness. Then it will lead to the possibility of high blood pressure. In this case, you can get 65 mg of sodium from a regular sprite and sprite zero is sodium free beverage.

Good choice for a low-fat diet

In the regular sprite, you can get 38 g of both carbohydrate and sugar. A sprite tin contains 8 teaspoon of sugar. The health association has said that women have to limit the consumption of sugar than men. Both normal sprite and sprite zero does not enclose with protein. It is not measured to be good sources of vitamin A and C. Learn about sprite nutrition facts so that you can get detailed information about it.  Further, it does not contain efficient nutrients and vitamins so that you have to intake enough fruits and vegetables in a regular manner. The sprite is also suggested for regular diet but, sprite zero is the best nutritional option for everyone. You can include other significant products with sprite so that you can lead a healthy life without any troubles.